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James Carney @ Shapeshifter

James Carney @ Shapeshifter

A very exciting evening coming up this Tuesday August 6, 2013:  JAMES CARNEY at 9pm featuring MARK HELIAS bass and CHAD TAYLOR, drums. Stay for the 10:30pm set with SPLANG-A-LANG featuring MIKE MCGINNIS, woodwinds + compositions,  SEAN MORAN, guitar; ELIAS BAILEY, bass; VINNIE SPERRAZZA, drums.

Mike McGinnis

Mike McGinnis

Here’s what TIME OUT NEW YORK had to say about both these groups this week:

Keyboardist James Carney’s valuable progressive-jazz showcase presents woodwind player Mike McGinnis’s SPLANT-A-LANG quartet (10:30p) and Carney’s own trio (9pm)


Andrew D’Angelo & George Garzone are #NYTimes pick this week. Congrats Andrew & George! See the rest of you on Tuesday night when we also will be presenting at 10:30pm EVA NOVOA, piano; BILLY MINTZ, drums, MATT PAVOLKA, bass.

Here’s the blurb from the NYTimes – Thanks Nate Chinen!

Andrew D’Angelo Trio With George Garzone (Tuesday) Andrew D’Angelo is a saxophonist and bass clarinetist with a smartly full-throttle approach to free improvisation — something he shares with his guest and fellow saxophonist, Mr. Garzone. They’ll work with and against the churn of Mr. D’Angelo’s working rhythm team of Chris Lightcap on bass and Mike Pride on drums. At 9 p.m., Korzo, 667 Fifth Avenue, at 20th Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn,; $10 suggested donation, with a $10 minimum. (Chinen)

mcevoywill TonyMalaby_parisTONIGHT! Come and see Will McEvoy’s MUTASM at 9pm, then stay for TONY MALABY TUBACELLO QUARTET at 10:30pm – $10 suggested donation, $10 purchase. Choose from Korzo’s most excellent fried burger, or any of the beers on tap.

From the Search and Restore Blog today:

This week, the Konceptions series at Korzo out does itself once again. Always a double bill, always affordable and always in a close space, Konceptions gives energized creative music a regular home, and there’s nothing not great about that.

Working backwards, tenor saxophonist Tony Malaby closes the night with a 10:30pm set, a combination of two of his previous existing trios (tuba trio & cello trio). It will feature Chris Hoffman on cello, Dan Peck on tuba and John Hollenbeck on drums. Malaby is a fierce composer and improviser, highly capable and in control when gorgeous tones are required, but also seemingly always on the verge of a chaotic break, or a swerve into other sound worlds pushed by his instrument. The double-low-combo of cello and tuba on top of Hollenbeck’s dexterous drum navigation is going to make this a really really enjoyable show. Guaranteed. See the video below of the tuba trio from the past.

Kicking the night off at 9pm is a group led by bassist Will McEvoy called Mutasm. Though a generation younger than Malaby & company, Mutasm follows in the musical footsteps of the artists following them.

We’ve posted a streaming track below, off their greatly titled album Labor Of Labor. The composition of the piece is so so strong. The entire composition. The written, the improvised, it all is concocted and executed with preparation and novelty in the moment and it all just comes across as great music. It can get challenging but never forever and there’s always a point.

For those afraid of that which is free, I suggest always seeking things with a point. Identify the point for comfort and new risks. These guys know what they’re doing and aren’t afraid to learn as they go.

in the band: Will McEvoy on bass, Danny Gouker on trumpet, Nathaniel Morgan on alto sax, Patrick Breiner on tenor sax, Dustin Carlson on guitar and Cody Brown on drums.

Last Tuesday evening, on July 9, 2013, we had the pleasure of presenting Ravi Coltrane. Someone came and recorded as he played Ralph Alessi’s tune “Who Wants Ice Cream.” While I’m not really sure the rights issues have been cleared by the person who recorded this, Logan . Ralph’s tune is wonderful, and Ravi’s sound is fantastic. So I thought I’d share. Before it gets pulled off of the web.

Every once in a while the Konceptions Music Series gets a little press. A recent article penned by Matthew Kassel in the Village Voice mentioned Konceptions Music Series and its founder, James Carney.

“It’s not that Manhattan is boring,” the pianist James Carney explains via e-mail. “It’s simply become so expensive that venues there tend to program less adventurous jazz and improvised music these days.”

Thanks Matthew, for your in-depth reporting. Make sure to come back soon!

Check out the article in the Village Voice

All That Brooklyn Jazz

The borough is where it’s at

by Matthew Kassel Wednesday, Jan 23 2013

Konceptions Music Series presented by James Carney at Korzo Restaurant in Brooklyn garnered recent attention in the NYTimes.  Ben Ratliff reviewed Tim Berne’s band on May 26, 2011 . A more recent mention was with regards to other Jazz series being presented in Brooklyn as well as the “Undead” festival.

Here’s an excerpt from Ben Ratliff’s review of Tim Berne:

The gig, on Tuesday, was part of the Konceptions series at Korzo, booked by the musician James Carney, who’s doing a quietly heroic job of challenging audiences and keeping the house piano in tune. It’s a place to try new material. The show opened with a workshoplike short set of fresh septet material by the pianist and conductor Gordon Beeferman, including false starts.

If you recently discovered Konceptions, you know what a wonderful find it is.

Last week Konceptions presented Fred Hersch, guest pianist to trumpeter Shane Endsley and also featuring esteemed band members
Ohad Talmor, saxophone, Carlo DeRosa, bass and Tom Rainey, drums.

Every Tuesday Konceptions Music Series presents two sets of live Jazz in an intimate setting. Korzo Restaurant features twelve beers on tap and boasts a delicious, though decadent, fried burger. Tonight is another great grouping of very talented members of the Jazz community:

June 28th – Konceptions Series #179

Tim Berne, alto saxophone + compositions
John Hebert, bass
Ches Smith, drums

JP Schlegelmilch, piano
Pascal Niggenkemper, bass
Carlo Costa, drums

$10 suggested donation per set + two drink minimum (price is per guest/per set).

David Lopato played a concert at Korzo last night accompanied by Ratzo Harris on bass, and drummer Gene Jackson for his CD Release Party of his solo album entitled Many Moons.

It was truly a special evening with Mr. Lopato telling the packed room that he was not only celebrating his 56th Birthday at Korzo, his album release, but he was celebrating the first time he’d played a gig in Brooklyn, his birthplace.

For those of you who missed it, I encourage you to purchase his CD, which is available on his web site – and we hope to have Mr. Lopato and his group back soon.

Jen performed live at Korzo in January; it was a solo production of “Inner Chapters”. Watch the video on YouTube here.
Jen Shyu’s Web site

The KONCEPTIONS jazz and improvised music series, established in 2005 as a nomadic, flexible entity, has been presented at KORZO since 2009. Pianist and composer James Carney, co-founder and curator, has presented hundreds of New York City’s most outstanding musicians, both established and emerging. Veteran luminaries of the NYC jazz scene such as Tim Berne, Fred Hersch, Ravi Coltrane and Matt Wilson share double-bills with exciting younger artists such as Jen Shyu, Kris Davis, and Matt Mitchell. The Konceptions Music Series has been called a “valuable Park Slope progressive-jazz showcase” by Time Out New York, who also listed konceptions as one of the top “100 things to do on NYC weeknights for $10 or less.”

Schedule of upcoming events: Click the link at the top of this page that reads 2013 Schedule


Sets: 9:00pm & 10:30pm
$10 Suggested Donation / $10 Restaurant Purchase

667 5th Avenue (between 19th & 20th Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Says curator James Carney: “In 2005 I was walking past the Koze Lounge (now called Quarter Bar) on 5th Avenue in the South Slope. Koze hadn’t been open very long, and the  owner was standing outside. I asked him if they ever had live music, and he said “Yes, sometimes. Why? Are you a musician? Do you know other musicians that would want to play here? If you want a night I’m happy to give it a shot.” I couldn’t believe it; I had just moved here from LA, I was starting to get myself booked around town, and here I was being handed this random golden opportunity. We ended up only doing about 8 nights because he had to close the bar, but that short experience was so satisfying to me that I immediately found another venue nearby (Bar4 on 7th Avenue) that was fantastic. We were at Bar4 for 18 months, then we did short runs at the Douglass Street Music Collective and Biscuit in the north Slope. I took a break from the series for another 18 months and found I really missed the weekly ritual. Then, an acquaintance who was working at Korzo in 2009 told the owner about me, and after a couple of discussions we relaunched Konceptions in September 2009.”

“At the end of September we will celebrate our 3-year anniversary at Korzo, and on December 4, 2012, konceptions #250 will happen. I’m bringing in my 7-piece group that night, and Tim Berne will play the second set. It’s been a lot of work, and it’s not always easy, but the rewards have made it worthwhile.”

Please come join us every Tuesday, enjoy the music, and feel good about the fact that all of the $10. you pay for the suggested donation actually goes to the musicians. Those very artists who work hard – day in and day out – to create amazing music that can change your perspective while challenging you to think differently.  We’re not out to change the world, we just want to present music that isn’t always easy to program in New York City venues. And we want you to hear it live – not on your iPod, but in person. There is a significant difference. Live music is best; it resonates within our bodies in ways we cannot fully comprehend. It alters our perception of what is possible, and empowers and inspires us to improve our own individual artistry. Come experience the magic for yourself each week like we do!
Click above link for the schedule

Every Tuesday
Sets: 9:00pm & 10:30pm
$10 Suggested Donation / $10 purchase

667 5th Avenue (between 19th & 20th Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11215